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hi, i'm Cristine Baet. 16 years old. Live in Hanapepe,Kauai,Hawaii.
I'm studying at Waimea High School,a Junior.
I'm pure Filipino,i used to live in Philippines for 15 years.
In 4 children of our Family i am the 2nd,and the only girl.
I love Pink stuff.
I love fashion,photography,and M magazine.
I wanna be a famous someday so i study hard and give and give the best of me.
I have so many dreams and goals in life, and i dont want people just destroy these.
I always want to be the Best.
I am Brave person, i can say whatever i want.
im kinda person who say the true things,and not saying False thing just to impress others.
Maybe,other think I'm childish but they just dont know who i really am. what my mind thinking. and who is cristine when all alone.
Im the kinda girl who does not giving up easily
Im confident of who i really am,and what im doing.
I dont like others put me down.
in my life,i already experience being so down, but now, i want to raise myself up, as far as i can.
I want to make a difference.
i dont wanna waste my life for nothing.
i want my life to be meaningful and if i will i die,
the things and thoughts about Cristine Baet will remain to the people who will left behind.


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This is my Personal Website where you can ask something about me. And to know me Better.



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